The Blue Pelicans – Northern Blues

Written by Oscar De Paul
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The Blue Pelicans
© Words Oscar De Paul

Bradford’s ‘Blue Pelicans’ have realized that building up a live following is far more important that chasing a record deal nowadays. It’s all about the live experience for this laid back quartet and growing organically through playing in front of audiences. It’s the old fashioned “learning your chops” maxim that drives them at the moment and they are determined to stick to it.

Lead singer and bassist Danny Driscoll explains, “We wanted to build up a live following before recording anything. We didn’t see the point of recording a demo and sending it out to people when we weren’t 100 per cent happy with our ability to replicate the songs live. We’ve done a demo now but we’re not in a hurry to try get it out.”

This attitude epitomizes The Blue Pelicans attitude of “Let’s just see what happens”. Some could take this as being unambitious but there is a quiet confidence about the band that suggests a bona-fide cool. They are naturally unpretentious, humble, stoic but at the same time totally in control of their creativity. The word that springs to mind about them is “real”. The fact that they have no gimmicks or concept hampering them makes them a rare treat nowdays and will continue to gain them fans.

The Blue Pelicans make a foreceful and infectious music that’s influenced by their shared love of bluesy rock. Guitarist Josh Cavanagh picks up on their influences, “Humble Pie, The Faces right up to Kings Of Leon and Queens of The Stone Age. Rootsy and straight forward, songs with a great solid structure and natural energy.

Their live shows certainly have energy. Joe Kershaw’s almost motorik drumming and Matt Hudyma’s rythmic guitar are skin tight but this has only been achieved by constant gigging in and around North West England. The Blue Pelicans sound is muscular but catchy, anthemic even, but without the histrionics, effortlessly cool in fact. The band also look great but don’t feel the need to strut and peacock around.

Matt Hudyma explains, “There’s no put on with us. What you see is what you get. It’s all about the music and making it the best we can. We’re under no illusions about the music industry either and we don’t go around chasing things. You either like us or you don’t. We’re having fun making music. End of.”

Drummer Joe Kershaw has the last word. “There’s too many people wanting to be famous for the sake of it nowadays. We’re not arsed. We just love playing music together and we’re all good friends. What more can you ask for?”

This no bullshit attitude should see The Blue Pelicans continue making their own brand of Northern Blues for many years to come.

Check Out  The Blue Pelicans London’s debut 20th Sept at The Spice Of Life
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