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Marcus Reeves Black Tears Reviewed

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Marcus Reeves is a new singer/songwriter from Clapham, London, who is stylish, focused and talented. He is just about to release his debut album Quicksilver – The Masquerade, which has spawned his debut single Black Tears.

For a debut single, Marcus Reeves has certainly released an awe-inspiring song. A song that delivers, is yearning, reflective and poetic. The mood is set with a haunting piano intro, as Marcus beautifully sings about his desire for love. The tempo builds up and becomes a powerful ballad as he tells his intended that all that they gave him were "Schemes and Daydreams to drown me in my sleep". It is a moving track that certainly captures the essence of desire, love and lost aspirations. Structured well, as Reeves certainly knows the craft of song arrangement and how to bring instruments in and out of the mix, coupled with lovely soulful backing vocals. At times it reminds me of Madonna's Like A Prayer. This is meant as a compliment, because Madonna of the early nineties was creating complex yet catchy music like Vogue and Express Yourself that went for the pop jugular, and Reeves seems to have this ambition.

Reeves has a great voice, and knows how to use his range, he sings with an honest passion, and certainly has the potential to go far. I do have a sneaking feeling from the music I have heard, that he wants to be a global star, and I firmly believe that reaching for the stars is the only way to be. He is very flamboyant and theatrical (prior to entering the world of pop, Reeves penned a successful musical, Postcards from God - The Sister Wendy Musical), and even though I put my eye liner away a long time ago, I am pleased to see an artist using glitter and makeup, very early Bowie, who was stylish, focused and talented, a London boy from Brixton, a stone's throw away from Clapham.

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