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I love you and I am not afraid to say it. I have no such inhibitions here. I think you understand all too well that there comes a time where one has to let go and give in to the flow of ones own soul heart mind vibration. The album is called Inhibition but you left that all behind when your sword songs cut through the bullshit and vomited up the truth and oh what a gorgeous spew it is. This kind of Elec-tri-ci-ty is made from sex, intoxication

and the places where the girls have gone mad with ecstatic dancing. And make no mistake your record makes me wanna dance, dance, dance. Dance without any inhibitions. Out of the silence your star has exploded, the supernova rains down in a shower of fire, chaos, tenderness, darkness and light, control and freedom and the tears of a rock n' roll unicorn. And I ask, "what has happened to the blood and guts and tears of rock n roll?" It has been packaged nicely in ready made hipster attire for sale at the local yuppie food empire or that other virus of the modern world, the chain coffee shop. I don't want or need that kind of rock n' roll, I want my rock n roll without inhibition, wild and free and full of danger and sex. I want "anything could happen" while listening to a record. I want to take off all my clothes in my living room and scream with joy. I wanna snort coke at the disco. I wanna cry all night long with one song on replay because it cuts through something in me and makes me feel I am not alone in feeling the world we live in may have gone to hell. I want my gods Dionysian, not Apollonian. Well, I have you now Dot Hacker and I can see the blood you've shed to get this out, I can smell the sweat you put into this sonic creation and I can feel the tears you've shed at being alive in these bodies and having so much inhibition in this crazy shut down society that you just had to get it all out, formed beautifully into perfect songs that burn out the inhibitions. THIS is what rock n roll is supposed to do.

dot hacker toni oswald zani 4This is rock n roll reinvented; experimental yet for people who are tired of the bullshit, tired of dilettantes, tired of image over substance. Rock n' Roll for people who also love to dance and we must always remember music is the cosmic dance! On this album you speak of hypocrisy, control, order and disorder (among other things) and that is a mirror of the world we live in where everyone says one thing and does another, " Do you want disorder? Well I don't believe you..." I don't believe them either Dot Hacker because real rock n' roll, real art is a form of disorder. A place where the creator stirs things up, ask questions, and makes sense out of the chaos. To be honest, I don't believe in much as far as the general public is concerned but I do believe in music and art and now you! Your music makes me feel like I did when I was young, before the jaded quality set in. Free and filled with possibilities. So full of inspiration I feel like I could actually fly! This music makes me pick out an outfit for the night (and this is a night time record) that says 'Hey Mr. businessman, you can't dress like me.' It has a nostalgia to it. A harkening back to the days and nights of the late 1970's and early 1980's when new bands were willing to explore and try new things. I can hear those influences in you too; Bowie and the Station to Station, Depeche Mode's electronic wet dreams, Sparks falsetto opera weirdness, Georgio Moroder's lush dance disco sexuality, Scott Walker on the Night Flight and the modern rhythm of the New Order. Experimental with melody. Electronic love holding hands with analog acoustical musical mastery. Architectural layers sublime. It is actually hard to believe you are all Americans as the music has such a European sensibility. Intelligent, dreamy and dark but with balls, guts and intelligence! But then real rock n' roll transcends all those boundaries as well, does it not?

For those of you reading this letter who are not Dot Hacker, do yourself a favor put the record on, trust me, it will not disappoint. As the needle drops onto Disorder/Order so do the guitars fast and furious, almost fascistic, rock n' roll pop in all its glory. It is night time and we are dancing around our bedroom watching ourselves in the mirror with bad girl/boy attitude on hot pink pouting lips, dressed up in sex, alone in a scene any voyeur would give their life to watch, to touch. The song sings of hypocrisy and I cannot think of a better way to inspire the cocky bravado it takes to lurch out into the world ready to take on all the strangeness of the night. And the night does belong to people like us. This first song gives you the balls to be an individual in a world full up with sheep. We shout on our rooftops, "Bring it on! All of it! Show us what you got! We don't care about you or your bullshit! We are free and we love to dance!" Disorder, chaos the creative spark. The wild ride begins.

Album track entitled 'IdelIdolIdyl' bring us into a cinematic atmosphere filled with percussive samples, shakers and drums driving through dream time lush vocals. Makes me feel like I am in a late 70's euro film with  dark mysterious autobahn roads driving a 100 miles an hour, this song on the car stereo taking us to the end of the night, sparks racing to some kind of oblivion to forget the mundane world of the daytime of our lives filled with our own idleness, failures, and confusion of why we keep doing the destructive things we do but here we might just find redemption in the heart of the night.

this song on the car stereo taking us to the end of the night, sparks racing to some kind of oblivion
Sometimes a song comes along that just barrels straight through to your heart. Eye opener, lush chorus fuelled guitar lullaby masterpiece for the modern world breaks down everything separating the artist from the listener and places both inside a world where they become one. The secret handshake of eyes looking into eyes, eyes looking in upon themselves, hurt hearts breaking but trying to love anyway, inhibitions painfully concealed and yet attempting to make contact with another's eyes. This is where we are nowadays in this world where we have become so isolated from not only each other, but nature and animals as well. Behind the eye we can close, we are safe from reflections we do not want to see, from hurt that we do not want to feel but when the eye really opens with hand holding heart and really SEES we feel it all, everything. All of the beauty and tenderness of love and sex, pleasure and pain, secrets and revelations, the mystery of life and death and what it means to be conscious. It is like the pain of Leonard Cohen sung by Prince. Eye opened, see what you can see, feel what you can feel.

/dot hacker toni oswald zani 2.jThen the dance begins on the next three tracks. Tribal drumming toms merge with post punk guitar as a prelude into 4/4 on the floor synth intro to the apocalyptic Bjorkian whispering vocals introducing the sexiest bass seduction that lets you know that you can be nowhere else but at a late night Discotheque. The bass drives you with its erotic surging rhythm straight through the night, urging you to let it all go, the dance floor is yours, the dance floor is for the courageous. On the dance floor you can and will find freedom if you are willing to let go. "We will rise from the, from the dead, we rise and dance on our own grave." We will dance down the apocalypse and find liberation on the other side. Here we become the Hindu goddess of time and change, her name is Kali and she is associated with empowerment and chaos and dancing. Dancing on the dead in fact and as a metaphor for the modern world the feminine long inhibited takes her revenge in bringing chaos and disorder to man along with the destruction of the world and then dances on the dead, but there is no real end, only new beginnings, new forms. Kali, the great mother will be there even when there is no world and I believe she will be dancing and so will we as long as these songs are being played.

The DJ drops the needle on Be Leaving. Shakers shake, guitars banshee chorus scream, bass flirting layered grooves swirl you into the black light of something that feels more like a dream than anything linear and real. Synth layers take you into something that feels a lot like an ecstasy trip and in this dream you are in a field at some European summer festival where the night will go on forever as will the dance and people have become only arms and legs and torsos traced across the night, more light bodies than real humans.

Piano and guitars emerge now, we are now moving station to station. The bass and drums hold the ground but it may not be there for long. " I was wrong, The Earth Beneath our feet won't last forever, It'll soon be gone..." The guitars circling snakelike entranced, casting spells with words and no apologies, sonic painterly waves. Interlude of whispered haunted background where the fires swirl up into the night and then the lights go out and the piano is back again along with the beat which rides a black swan straight into mother nature's womb, maybe there was never really ground to stand upon. The dance is done.

Piano and guitars emerge now,
We retreat into Inhibition, coming down from the night, the Wit of the Staircase flies on, Quotes to be said and remembered and the Puncture of it all carry us into the Cimmerian shade of night. In our rooms alone and together with lovers and leavers living where the night is most quiet and these electronic lullabies offer comfort and introspection asking what is inside us, what are these inhibitions, fears, regrets, concerns, "Inhibition, We'll help you if we can, Everyone will still adore you." Like a prayer, Dot Hacker, you offer no conciliation, only some kind of holy reverence for the inability to step outside ones self and be free and in the offering of this prayer, a string of songs like beads on a mala, we now wear the holy prayer strung together in song to remind us that we are in fact free, free to make song, free to dance, free to express the colors and rhythms of being human. We are afraid and unsure and yet we are courageous and wild. "And all we are, we are. We are trying however hard. You look at someone else's star, it won't get you very far. You know I am unsure, but aren't we all?" This is a rock n' roll prayer. You have reached out to us sweet dear sirs and silenced the inhibition, we in fact are all stars.

With Love and Thanks,

© Words Toni Oswald/ ZANI Media

dot hacker toni oswald zani 7Dot Hacker is a band made up of four of the best and hardest working musicians in the current music scene, between them they have worked with The Red Hot Chili Peppers, John Frusciante, Gnarls Barkley, Beck, Broken Bells, PJ Harvey, Norah Jones, Morrissey and the list goes on. They are Josh Klinghoffer (lead vocals, guitars, piano, keyboards), Jonathan Hischke (bass guitar), Clint Walsh (guitar, backing vocals, synthesizers), and Eric Gardner (drums). Inhibition is there debut album released on May 1st 2012 by ORG Music label.

A lot of people seem to want to compare it with Radiohead and I do see the connection of craftsmanship and certain electronic stylings but as much as I respect that band, I don't wanna fuck them...too intellectual not enough primacy which is what you are loaded with...metaphorically speaking that is. You may just save us all dear sirs. You say, " Do you want disorder? Well I don't believe you..." Rock n' Roll is disorder!"
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