Top Five Guitar Stances

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That pent-up anger released in a majestic and magnificent manner via the six string. The guitarist has to be one of the most exciting and visual aspects of any band. Pulsating with passion, fuelled with anger and playing with pride. That is a definite criteria for Zanis. The guitar hero is the archetypal angry young man (or woman.); we love them and they fill our hearts with fire.

So, here's Zanis Top 5 Guitar Stances.
Paul Weller

Come on, the geezer from Woking is the governor of the guitar stance. The boy from Surrey with a chip on his shoulder and amazing dress sense. Embarking on an adventure of attacking his guitar , each take he takes the stage with that beautiful pent up anger . Millions of kids watched with admiration as he slid through the chords of "Private Hell", even now, when Weller  plays the acoustic, he just can’t resist that little bit of fury seeping through the song. The Stance of The God Of all Mods.

Johnny Marr

Technically gifted guitarist and a slick performer. In The Smiths, he mixed the psychedelic look with the casual look of the terrace and a little of the 50's thrown in for good measure. Man, did he look cool Unlike Weller, he doesn't play the guitar with a point to prove outlook, he stances it with a debonair confidence that enthralls and tantalises you. When The Smiths toured with "The Queen is Dead" album, Marr took the stage and swaggered, with cigarette in mouth, dancing around and being loud and proud. Today he still has that charm and posture that earned him the respect that he deserves. Nice work fella.

Joe Strummer

London's burning, and when Mr. Strummer took the stage, he set the boards on fire. In terms of showmanship he didn't move around or wiggle heaps. But his deliverance and the right leg movement in time to the tune, proves that Strummer is for real and taking no prisoners. How can a man stay sane on stage whilst playing White Riot? And why the fuck should he stay sane? It was a great loss to the world when he passed away, because he would of still been giving it. Joe, whether you're in heaven or hell, we hope you still are stancing it with the old Strummer grit.

Keith Richards

Keef, as Mick Jagger would often say, is the number one sex symbol guitarist,  (probably, I could be wrong here.). Whether he is picking the harsh riff for Satisfaction or strumming the haunting chords of Wild Horses, he is mesmerising to watch. He has arrogance, fervour, confidence, and look of contentment. From a well-groomed fresh-faced youth of the 60's to the ageing rocker today, when he takes the stage, it's his patch. He is King of the castle. Swinging his hips and shaking his moneymaker, who can fault him in his snake skin cowboy boots, parading the stage to 'Brown Sugar'. A fool once made the mistake of trying to join him on stage, only to find Keith wrapping his guitar round his head. Keith is untouchable; you can look but you just can't touch.
Nile Rodgers

Rhythm guitarist and song writing partner with the late, great Bernard Edwards. Nile is the master of the funky strum, from the opening chords of 'La Freak' by Chic, or 'We are Family' by Sister Sledge; is enough to get your grandmother up and dancing. He stands so elegant in a sharp suit, he doesn't swagger or strut up and down the stage. It's his upright, proud posture with the right hand flicking across the guitar, which makes him so stylish to observe. If you ever managed to see Chic's legendary performance on Soul Train, you will see a man controlling the tune like he is playing on a cloud. The majesty of a soul angel, and much sought after producer. From the mixing desk, his stance lives on.

There are so many we could have included: Pete Townsend, Jimi Hendrix, Steve Marriott, Jimmy Page, Angus Young, Dave Cairns and many more, but these top 5 cover a wide spectrum of different stances.

But, we might do a part two or top 5 bass stances, who knows? I couldn't include Noel of Oasis; not a bad songwriter, but a bore to watch. Whether we'll ever see another Weller leaping in the air or another Townsend smashing his guitar across his amp, is anyone's guess. The guitar gives the player power and passion, if they channel that passion and give the audience what they want, there will always be guitar stances for a long time to come. Especially with the sudden rise of great new British guitar bands, look likes the Boy Band is dead thank fuck.

© Words Matteo Sedazzari /ZANI Media
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