Glen Matlock – and The Philistines

Written by Angela Loughran/
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Thursday 10th February- choices; sit at home getting square eyes, or rock on down to the Bowery for a bit of musical entertainment.

The Bowery is a fairly new venue within spitting distance of Centre Point.  It has a cool bar area upstairs, while the music/comedy venue is in the basement.  It’s not massive, holds 150 max, but that just gave the gig a more intimate feel.

The band’s album Born Running was released in September last year. It doesn’t disappoint, and shows Glen still has plenty of energy and creativity, they played a lot of the tracks in the set which went down a storm with the crowd, who were a mixed bag all smiles and no attitude.        

The album also features the last recordings of guitarist Steve New, one of Glen’s oldest friends and fellow founder-member of The Rich Kids, who died in 2010.

The band has an excellent pedigree with; Glen Matlock on rhythm guitar and lead vocals, James Stevenson (Chelsea, Gen X and The Alarm) performing on lead guitar, Jim Lowe (who produced the Stereophonics as well as Glen’s Open Mind album) on bass, Javier Weyler (Stereophonics) on drums, Elizabeth Westwood (Westworld) and Tracie Hunter (Ian’s daughter) providing the backing vocals.

The set list in order of play; Born Running, Somewhere Somehow, Timebomb, Hard Work, Trouble, Get What We Get, Idiot, Hey Mister, Nowheresville, Yeah Right, Way To Go, Rock Chick, On Something, Rattle Your Cage. Their encores were; Burning Sounds and Stepping Stone. Not that they left the stage for a minute.  Rock and Roll at its best

Glen got the crowd to sing along to Idiot and Yeah right With no trouble at all, we practically drowned the band out with our enthusiasm. (In fact yeah right Is playing in my head as I type)

Rock chick is one of my favourite tracks, heavy and raw, loud and sexy with great guitar riffs. Rattle your cage is a crowd favourite, no one stood still

The band are extremely tight. Jim and Javier kept a fast and furious pace throughout, complimenting each other perfectly. James is a cut above, and Elizabeth and Tracie add glamour and gorgeous vocals.

Glen was comfortable on stage, so he should be, still belting out lyrics the way he has done for the last 36 years. He needed a few retunes owing to the heat, it really was that hot. By the end of the gig the band and the crowd were dripping with sweat (well, us ladies were glowing anyways) hmmmm.. Air conditioning would have been nice…

Afterwards the whole band hung out in the upstairs bar until the bar staff quite literally told us to piss off and come back tomorrow when they open at 15:30. All in all a thoroughly enjoyable evening Glad I didn’t settle for Eastenders…

© Words - Angela Loughran/ ZANI Media
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