Liam Gallagher - An Andy Poole Interview

Written by Andy Poole
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/liam gallagher beady eye  andy poole zani 2.Beady Eye roll into town, and with that...the frontman of our generation, Mr Liam Gallagher.
The rest of the band are soundchecking, as I'm led into a small tent backstage. In the tent is Steve Allen, Liam's right hand man, and sitting on the black leather sofa, Mr Rock 'n' Roll...Liam Gallagher.

The guy just emits coolness, sits there strumming his guitar, Pretty Green camo coat zipped right up, despite the 30 degree heat. Cutler And Gross shades on and a Lennonesqe hat..."Alright man, how are you?" he says.

Oasis is over, Beady Eye are now.

I ask Liam, "What did you take from Oasis into Beady Eye, concerning everything to do with a band?" "Well, I didn't really get involved with Oasis; Noel had a vision, sometimes it worked, and sometimes it didn't...But with Beady Eye, we are all involved...and that's how all bands should be, man. Without a doubt. We had our three major songs that we wanted to go with – Bring the Light, Four Letter Word and The Roller. After that, it could have been anything. We could have put anything out, but that's it now. No other singles... done. An EP was planned for the end of the year, but that's been put back no, and something else has come up," he tells me.  "So, we've got Reading and Leeds, and then I'm off to Canada for a few days with the wife, and then off to Japan, come back, tour mainland Europe, maybe do a small British tour, and then America, break over Christmas, and then straight into the studio to start on the second album.

The band started touring in March and have covered Europe, America and Japan in that time, but what about Abu Dhabi in September... was that a band or management decision?
"Well, we were asked to play there, and thought, 'fuck it, why not?' It's not the sort of place I would go to on my holidays, but it will be just like any other gig man, we get these offers, but it's not the management, they don't tell us what to do. The band have played at a number of festivals this summer with T In The Park being really good, proper gig that, and Belsonic being fuckin' mega, but T In the Park seems to be the Number One festival."

Being a music freak, I ask Liam: "What sort of stuff are you listening to at the moment?"… "Just the usual, man... John Lennon, The Beatles, The Kinks, The Who and The Stones... I don't really listen to anything new, I don't really listen to music to be quite fuckin' honest... too busy trying to fuckin' make it." he says laughing.

Oasis did some great covers, and so the questions, "What song would you love to wrap your vocals around?" had to be asked. "Well, nothing jumps out, but we did 'Across The Universe', and I've always wanted to do that."I then chucked, "We Love You" from The Stones into the mix, a song Oasis were rehearsing before the Dig Out Your Soul tour. "Yep, done that, done a cover version of that, that sounds fuckin' great, and is ready to go anything... God, forgot all about that... should have done it with Oasis, but shit happens."

We then talk about his children ("Gene, great drummer, in a little band at school, and Lennon, plays a bit of guitar, and thinks himself a bit of a singer, but they're both into it"), Pretty Green ("It's all go man, got some top stuff coming out"), and the Bochum Festival ("This seems to be the quietest festival ever, what are they doing out there?" I tell him, "mainly eating"..."Eating. Fuckin' hell.")

Now, any great rock star needs a great haircut, that's just part and parcel of being Mr Rock 'n' Roll, so.. the burning question: "Any tips on good hair?" "Nuts. Yeah, nuts apparently. Walnuts, shit like that – not geezers' nuts, not gonna put them in my mouth, but... anyway, you have good hair, nothing wrong with it." But with that thought, I think I will get some nuts anyway; you've got to have good hair.

liam gallagher beady eye  andy poole zani 3.8.25pm, and 'I Am The Resurrection' From The Stone Roses is blaring out. Liam does a bit of stretching, swaggers around a bit, all read to rock and roll. 'Yellow Tail' then kicks in, and the band, led by Liam, move on to the stage, the crow erupts... Mr Rock 'n' Roll is here. 
"Evening" Another swagger, he signals to the sound engineer to shove his vocals up to 11. "We're Beady Eye, and this is Four Letter Word". He then does the swagger to the mic, and then moves back again, swaggers forward and then attacks the mic, with a voice that just blows away any other rock star's voice out there... and there we have it, another night, another city, and Liam being Mr Rock 'n' Roll. The crowd's eyes are transfixed on his movements across the stage, and oblivious to the other members... Bring the Light and Wigwam are the two stand-out songs for the night, Wigwam sounding so much better live than on the record. And as quick as a flash, it's over, one hour and the band are off stage, ready for another day.

Liam Gallagher – A proper rock and roll star. And there are not many around.

© Words - Andrew Poole.

Andy Poole’s interview with Liam Gallagher has appeared in a number of other online magazines, and he has kindly allowed ZANI to reproduce his article – Many Thanks
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