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The Luca Zingaretti Collection

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Luca Zingaretti (11th November 1961 Rome, Lazio) is known across the world as the philosophical and street wise policeman, Inspector Montalbano. Set in the fictional town Vigata, Sicily the plots range from child smuggling to cold case murders, strong and engaging storylines. All shot beautifully in the province of Ragusa, with a wonderful array of characters, Ispettore Giuseppe Fazio (Peppino Mazzotta) the young go-getter copper,

Agente Catarella (Angelo Russo) ,the dim witted yet loyal policeman, Mimì Augello (Cesare Bocci) the scheming and ladies’ man detective and of course the title character Inspector Montalbano ,which has made Zingaretti an icon of Italian contemporary culture, on a par with Monica Bellucci, Paolo Rossi, Dario Fo, Roberto Benigni and many more.  Inspector Montalbano goes beyond criminal investigation and into the personal life of Montalbano, from his love life to his favourite restaurant.   Zingaretti can be melancholic in one scene and a joker in the next, all done with such ease which makes Inspector Montalbano believable and likeable.  

Stemming from a theatrical background, Zingaretti’s skill in character development and creating empathy, even though he is the central character, he becomes the story teller, as his emotions outline the often poignant scenario.  A well-built man, who looks as though he is not easily intimidated, Zingaretti seems to opt for more deeper roles rather than an action hero, even though it looks as if he could handle being pursued by villains in a helicopter whilst being shot at by AK47’s with a beautiful Italian woman by his side. He would make a good James Bond in fact as he is certainly suave as well as looking tough. With such strong screen presence and a seasoned actor, it is  little wonder that Odyssey decided to bring out The Luca Zingaretti Collection, five films so the world can see what a wonderful and talented performer Zingaretti is.

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The box set features Cefalonia, a film about Italian soldiers during World War II; Perlasca, tells the story of an Italian who saved the lives  of many Jews in Budapest 1944, Calling Inspector Marotta, St Peter’s Treasure, a famous heist from the Vatican in 1925. All based on true events in Italian history, as are also By The Light of Day and Borsellino: The 57 Days.  Therefore it seems that Zingaretti is a lover and student of Italy’s history, and favours historical roles, in particular men who are not afraid to stand up for their beliefs regardless of the consequences.

By The Light of Day and Borsellino: The 57 Days are poignant films about two men, who stood their ground to the mafia.  By The Light of Day is about Don Pino Puglisi a priest who returned to his hometown of Palermo, Sicily in 1990 with the vision to give belief and educate the city’s children, which is an uphill struggle at the best of times and the opposite of the local and ruthless mafia, which makes the situation not only harder but dangerous. Borsellino: The 57 Days is the story about Paolo Borsellino, a famous anti-mafia judge in the early nineties. Learning of his close colleague’s death, Judge Giovanni Falcone, at the hands of the mafia,  Borsellino tries to lead a positive and fulfilled life with his family and friends, whilst ‘fighting the good fight’, knowing that today could be his last.
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The stories of Puglisi and Borsellino are tragic, as well as being uplifting, as they are tales of bravery , two men knowing the dangers of organised crime and willing to make a stand. Zingaretti gives  thought provoking performances in By The Light of Day and Borsellino: The 57 Days, worthy of any film award. Zingaretti has clearly studied the roles, and paints an honest picture of these men, without turning them into martyrs, he shows their humanity, fears and hopes.   Zingaretti uses all his experience and skills to make the viewer ponder and question past events and a desire for change, which is a strong indication of Zingaretti’s gift as an actor, and why he is recognised for this skill.

Whether you have a friend or a family member with a love for Italy, or you fancy treating yourself to a nice box set with five strong films, which may help to remind you that Christmas is the season of goodwill, then The Luca Zingaretti Collection is the ideal gift.

The Luca Zingaretti Collection Available Here on Amazon

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