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Everyone’s Favourite (Sour) Lemon!

Written by Jonathan Bance

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Twelve years ago on the first series of I am Alan Partridge, everyone’s favourite Norfolk DJ was pleading with the BBC Chief Tony Hayers to re- commission his show. When Hayers refuses, Alan came up with a wide variety of desperate TV ideas such as Monkey Tennis, Arm Wrestling with Chas and Dave and Youth Hostelling with Chris Eubank.

In 2013, dire programmes such as Keith Lemons Celebrity Juice, Mrs Browns Boys and Miranda to name a few now make Alan’s ideas really sound quite appealing.


Humour is subjective of course but over the last few years I have, generally, been repulsed and left bemused by a new kind of humour that has become the norm in mainstream telly. A cruel, crass, childish and often quite vicious or incredibly silly “comedy” style that make you wonder if Open All Hours, Only Fools And Horses, Porridge etc ever existed!

Stand up Keith Lemon.Who is he? He is played by comedian Leigh Francis (a man who spreads his ‘talent’ so thinly, he makes bob carolgees look like a modern day renaissance man) and loosely based on his own best friend called…Keith Lemon. The TV Lemon is easily distinguished by a Yorkshire accent, a fake tan and blonde bleached hair. He is, to me, incredibly unfunny – and so is his tasteless programme Celebrity Juice

This is a chuckle free panel show that just gives Lemon the opportunity to cruelly mock and tease his guests during the various “rounds” of silliness and idiocy. I have tried, I have, but it fails to raise the faintest of smiles.

Unfortunately it points to a worrying trend of dumbing down of TV, to the point where they are shooting somewhere further south than the lowest common denominator. And it isn’t just the commercial channels that are doing this, the BBC have recently re-commissioned the painfully unfunny Mrs Browns Boys, which involves a series of people in costume, mugging about the place and generally acting the twat. I was to describe the feeling of watching it, i would plump for ‘kneecapped in a Belfast alleyway’.

So to sum up, TV now. Woeful. Monkey Tennis any one?

© Words - Jonathan Bance

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