Scorcher talks about OFFENDER

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I am sat in the garden at Revolver in Holland Park waiting for Scorcher to arrive. He walks in through the gate joshing loudly with one of his friends. His energetic personality shakes the garden, but it comes with bundles of fun and some significant charm. He beams out a smile like an affable lighthouse. It's a smile that should be sent to war zones to broker peace. His striking presence in the garden, -tall, muscular, perfect skin and deeply thoughtful eyes, chatty and engaging, lucid and thoughtful. And he's so down-to-earth that within seconds you forget you're in the presence of a great actor and rapper.

Scorcher stars as Essay in the movie OFFENDER alongside Joe Cole, English Frank and Kimberly Nixon (release date August 8 2012). "My character Scorcher is one of the less bad boys in the film. He's a little bit irrational. Hot headed. I think I related to him because we all can become irrational and we have hot headed sides to us. We can get irrational when we burn our dinner or watch the football. But yeah it was easy to relate to him. I came away from the film a better actor and experience as an actor. The film is fast action packed deep and entertaining and riveting.".

scorcher gia  marie barbera zani  2So what made him sign up for this film? "I was attracted to the role because to cut a long story short I thought the script was good. I kind of like action thrillers. So it was nice to be in one". It is swagger with a smile, confidence with cool, and wit grounded in wisdom-- someone who knows who he is, and where he is going. "When I went to jail when I was younger I never ever in a million years thought I would be in a film about a jail. The first day that the car came to pick me to take me on to set, low and behold the other passenger in the car was my old cell mate. He's a good actor as well. He was in Green Zone with Matt Damon".

On fame Scorcher has different yet very sweet opinions "I get recognised but I see it like this Superman saves the world week in and week out so to him if he saves the world its a normal day. So if you do stuff enough it becomes normal".

On music he says "I've just put out a video for OFFENDER it's called Tommy Offender and It's like a little track based on the characters in the film and the video is out. I am getting a nice positive response and I have an EP coming out called Simply the best 3."

With Scorcher what you see is exactly what you get.

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