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Tilbury Skinheads Documentary - BBC Radio 1980

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If you ever find yourself heading south on the A13, chances are you are either lost or on your way to Tilbury in Essex. It is very much a town at the end of the line, as the Worlds End pub down by the docks testifies, and definitely not the sort of place you want to end up on your ownsome come nightfall.
For the merchant seamen who used the town’s docks it offered the chance to go ashore and spend some money on wine, women and song. Like all ports, Tilbury had its pubs that quenched the seamen’s thirst for all three, and one such establishment was the now abandoned Ship Hotel. The Sun actually voted it Britain’s worst pub thanks to its reputation for prostitution, violence and the fact that landlords lasted about as long as a packet of Durex did. A lot of the Ship’s reputation for the place to be on a Saturday night if you fancied a good kicking was down to the Tilbury Trojan Skins who made it a second home between 1977 and 1984. To them it was their territory, and anyone they didn’t want to drink there didn’t. Not for long anyway. And the seamen often got more than they bargained for too, returning to their ships after being beaten up and robbed of their hard earned cash, watches and anything else of value.

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