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Monday, 05 March 2012 19:07

Hammersmith Gorillas Remembered

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Although their music wasn't punk, per se, The Hammersmith Gorillas (later simply The Gorillas) deserve to be ranked along with the finest of the class of 1977. The band's association with independent labels--most notably Chiswick--their raw sound, frenetic live performances and overall back to basics attitude make them as punk in spirit as many of their more heralded contemporaries.

Wednesday, 29 February 2012 15:26

ZANI chats To Plastic Youth

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As I wander through the back streets of Waterloo SE1 on my way to interview Essex based band, Plastic Youth with their manager Bob Morris, my mood starts to brighten. Not that I was in a particularly bad mood, I just wasn't that focused, due to the usual hustle and bustle of Waterloo Station. However the mayhem and madness experienced around a busy train station, can have quite magical moments while you 'people-watch' under the neon lights. But once I escaped the clutches of commuter hell I began to think about the task ahead.
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Every once in a while an album lands in my lap that becomes a travel companion and the theme tune to a stage in my life, but it's a rare thing.

Sunday, 19 February 2012 12:39

Duncan McKenzie Is No Ordinary Man

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Duncan McKenzie is perhaps one of those unsung stars who been there and done most of it, but has managed the trick of having a great career in music without too many of the drawbacks of 'sleb' life.

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The record business has changed dramatically over the last two decades. There are now four large conglomerates, who control over 80% of the output of music in the world. Sales have plummeted, the industry is losing about 5% per annum and given that the current economic crisis will last for another ten years, will they be able to turn this around? And more importantly, will the record industry survive?

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