You Win Again – Inspiring Song

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you win again  inspiring song gia marie barbera the bee gees

I was really sad to hear that Robin Gibb had died after his long battle with Cancer. The Bee Gees are one of my favourite bands of all time. The Bee Gees really are a band who have managed to last the test of time, and I always admire those types of bands.

Every morning I listen to the song 'You Win Again' it's got a great melody and tempo to it and the lyrics to me scream determination and love.

The meaning of the song is about a guy going after a girl who does not feel the same way about him but he's not giving up until he wins her heart. We've all been in situations where we have gone after someone who doesn't feel the same about you, and lets face it- it's tough.

The song suggests that they both love each other, but she's afraid of being too close to anyone. I think the lyrics "You couldn't give me what everybody needs" part refers to sex. So, he feels like he's being used as a commodity.

From a previous relationship, I learned that the formerly abused will sometimes have an irrational fear of getting too close to someone (even if they love and respect the person).

In the song he believes in the relationship and wants to do what it takes to make it work. But she is just does not ready for a serious relationship yet. It reminds me of a man who a few years ago wanted more from me than what I could give him, due to a situation I was in.

The lyrics "One day I'm gonna lift the cover and look inside your...Oh baby, I shake you from now on. I'm gonna break down your defences one by one" suggests determination and the girl obviously has some type of emotional issues, but he's determined to get passed those and he already sees her inner beauty. She's not ready to love him but when she is and realises what she's lost. He'll be there to explore the love and he can't let her throw it away.

Sometimes I think I am actually the girl in the song, although I never did fall in love with him, but he is now my best friend and the person who understands me the most in this world. And if we think about it there are all sorts of different types of love. The song makes me smile every time I hear it, and it reminds me of just how far someone went and what they went through to have someone like me as their best friend. I feel blessed.

© Words - Gia Marie Barbera/ZANI Media

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